Cucina98 The Cozy Bakery you have been looking for!

The tiny kitchen named Cucina98 on Walnut Street is one of our FAVORITE spots in Montclair. It is a bakery but they also serve lunch sandwiches, pasta, raviolis, soups, and little snacks. 

Cucina98 is family owned and was once connected to the restaurant Corso98. Sadly, this extension of their deliciousness is permanently closed, but maybe we will see a reopening in the future! Atleast we hope 🙂 

We stop into Cucina98 more than we’d like to admit… actually who cares, we’ll tell ya we grab, specifically, their lavender brownies at least once a week. When you walk in you’ll most likely be greeted by Bailey, the sweet daughter and baker of Cucina. Make sure you tell her Montclair Foodie sent you 🙂 

Let’s jump into the deliciousness, shall we? This first picture here has the lavender brownie at the top, moving downard we have a pistachio cookie, then a pistachio-lemon loaf (our next favorite after the brownie), then to the right we have their adorable cupcakes, and lastly a peanut butter chocolate bite (also incredible). 

We’ll move into more detail on these sweet goodies but let’s show you what they have for lunch. 

Here we have the Chicken Milanese sandwich. Before we get into the details, it’s important to note that the bread they use has the perfect bite, crunch and taste! Inside the sandwich is a breaded pan fried chicken with their house made chipotle mayo, mozzarella, long hot peppers and caramelized onions. YUM!

For our vegetarians and vegans, the grilled veggie sandwich is your option! Once again we have the delicious bread with grilled eggplant, carrots, zucchini, onion, arugula on the inside. Then you can choose to add hummus or goat cheese if you’re not vegan!

They also have a spinach and artichoke grilled cheese that we are DYING to try! If you’ve had it before, leave a comment and tell us how much you loved it (because we know it’s delicious even without trying it, like we said- everything that comes out of this kitchen is so good and perfect!)

Ok, back to the sweets! 🙂

How cute are these cupcakes?! The perfect bite size topped with frosting, sprinkles and little pearls. These are great for parties, as a gift, or for treating yourself! 

Now onto the brownies. Our absolute favorite! These brownies ARE vegan which is just a huge perk but you would never guess that they were vegan. They are the perfect consistency and texture, with a bit of a crunch and bite from the outer layer but gooey and DELICIOUS on the inside. These are specifically lavender brownies and we have never had a more perfect combination than this. Chocolate and lavender just makes so much sense and we truly mean it when we say this is one of our favorite brownies to ever touch our taste buds.

There are so many options to choose from at Cucina 98. Stop into the store and pick out a bunch! We’re sure you’ll love everything.

Another favorite item of ours is the peanut butter bite. This little goodie is really clean, meaning the ingredients are great for a post-workout and mid-afternoon snack. 

We love to enjoy this chocolate and peanut butter flavor with some coffee though. It’s the perfect treat!

Here is the pistachio loaf we mentioned at the beginning of this blog post. In the second picture you can see the texture of this cakey-yummy-loaf. It pairs perfectly with coffee in the morning, but we have to warn you: don’t start eating until you tell yourself to have some control. Because if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to eat the entire thing! You’ll just keep going back for another, and then another, and another bite! So delicious, we can’t recommend bringing one of these treats home. 


Plum on Park Come for the Plum, Stay for the Specials


Plum on Park
Montclair Foodie @ Plum on Park

If you’ve gone through our Instagram feed at any point then its a not so secret fact that we are obsessed with Plum on Park in Montclair, NJ. And what we love (and sometimes hate, keep reading you’ll understand why) most about Plum are the SPECIALS!!!!! Let’s make one thing clear upfront, the actual menu is equally amazing and never disappoints. Now that that’s out of the way! We just can’t get enough of the owner, Natalie Colledge’s infinite source of creativity and her beautifully presented plates that come out of this kitchen (That change weekly by the way). So you go to Plum on Park Come for the Plum, but you stay for the Specials (or in our case keep coming back weekly lol) !

We’ve literally found ourselves racing out of Bar Method class (also amazing! if you haven’t tried a class GO! Natalie and Gina are my favorites shh!) 100 steps away while scrolling the gram on Saturday mornings to see what specials we’ll be delighted with that weekend!

French Toast, Pad Thai, Moroccan Scramble, there are so many to name and we haven’t even tried them all!!! And since starting to offer dinner in 2015, they also have Dinner specials they debut on Wednesday’s. I don’t know how many places in a small town like Montclair, NJ you know change specials so often and keep things interesting like Plum does but needless to say, we’re kind of addicted!

Fun fact about Plum, whether your visiting Montclair for the first time, or a long time resident, you may or may not know (but want to know) that as we’ve said before many restaurants close on Mondays to prep, etc. Well lovely Plum on Park is one of a few that are open on Mondays for Breakfast & Lunch!!! They are closed on Tuesdays but open for breakfast, lunch, & dinner the rest of the week!

Enough reading GO to Plum on Park and if you meet Rebecca or Barbara tell them #MontclairFoodieSentMe!


We want that Cake Cake Cakeaholic Obsession!!!!

Cake, cake, cake, cake, with so many yummy places to grab sweet treats in Montclair, NJ you can never run out of options!! Montclair Bread Co for your donuts, Plum Bakery for the gluten free lovers, Little Daisy Bakeshop, KakesKimmy, Applegate Farm, Gelotti, the list goes on and on!! But another one of our personal FAVE discoveries at this years Taste of Montclair… Cakeaholic Obsession!!!

Cake Cake Cake Cakeaholic Obsession
Cakeaholic Obsession


So what did we have you ask? Cookies and cream (with an actual cookie at the bottom of the cupcake!), Vanilla Birthday Cake, Chocolate Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Chunky Monkey, and last but most certainly not least, Banana de leche. Banana de Leche was their flavor at Taste of Montclair although not currently on the menu of selections (although we think it needs to be!) It is hands down our favorite! So we have all these flavored cupcakes and then, we notice the ice cream.

Cake Cake Cake Cakeaholic Obsession
Cakeaholic Obsession

Cakeaholic has homemade ice cream delivered weekly from Upstate New York. They even have custom flavors coming soon such as Lemon Berry, Banana Pudding (#MotherMayI?!?!?!), and Pink Velvet. What did we try? Cinnamon Brown Sugar… thats right I said CINNAMON BROWN SUGAR!!!! Take a drive to the southside of Montclair and allow yourself to… indulge (we did)!!! Veer off of Bloomfield Avenue and find your way to 324 Orange Road in Montclair NJ.

An already award winning bakery, Cakeaholics was just nominated for best bakery in Best of Essex 2016! Cakeaholic not only offers amazing cupcakes and homemade ice cream, they do events to!! Date nights, Girls nights, baking classes for the kids, and more! If you havent already tried Julie’s cupcakes, what are you waiting for??? Ask for the Banana de Leche and thank us later!

Cakeaholics has since closed their location in South Montclair. But are working on a new space coming soon and you can still order yummy cupcakes and treats online!!!


p.s. word on the street is Cakeaholics Obsession will be at this years Montclair Food and Wine BBQ on July 9th if you are planning on attending be sure to stopby their table and tell them MontclairFoodieSentMe!